Some Sweet Cosplays, pt. 2

Okay, so since I made my first post on video game cosplays, many months ago, I have developed a sort of guilty pleasure involving the subject. While I've never really cosplayed, myself, it's not too unusual for me to get caught up in looking at other people's cosplays on deviantART, sometimes for an hour at a time. So without further ado, I present you: Some Sweet Cosplays, pt. 2.

This one just cracks me up. Not only are the costumes themselves very well-done, but those of you who are familiar with Team Fortress 2 and have seen the "Meet the Spy" video know that the Scout's mom is, apparently, quite the catch. So here, we have a hilarious and unmistakable demonstration of just that. It's title? "Dat Ass". Photo and cosplay done by PANCAKEScosplay on deviantART.com where you can find lots more cosplay goodness in their gallery, including more delightful TF2 ones.

I think it's safe to say that I have a certain, uh, fascination with the Splicers from the BioShock games. But that's not all that makes this cosplay so great, to me. The costumes are exquisite and the photography is spot-on, AND the setting looks like it came straight from Rapture, like a real-life scene from the game. And after all, isn't the recreation of beloved nerdoms what cosplay is all about? Photo uploaded by Dids-91 on deviantART. The rest of her BioShock cosplays can be viewed here.

In my opinion, some of the best cosplays on the internet are ones from the Final Fantasy series. The games themselves are an impressive demonstration of interesting character design, so it's no wonder that so many people are inspired to recreate their favorite Final Fantasy heroes and villains. This one of Lightning and Serrah from Final Fantasy XIII is one of favorites, for obvious reasons...great costumes, great photo, great emotions. Photo uploaded by RainerTachibana.

Those of you who have played Fallout 3 can appreciate the awesomeness of this Lone Wanderer cosplay by Frauette. I don't think I've ever seen a better Lone Wanderer costume. I mean, with her Pip-Boy 300 and everything, she looks like she just came from Vault 101! The setting in the photo is perfect and a common sight for players in the game, making the whole thing all the more delightful. Be sure to check out the other Fallout 3 cosplay photos in her gallery, as well.

I've liked this one for a long time. If you've played Final Fantasy IX, then you should recognize Kuja (in his Trance form) as cosplayed by Demented-Kid (she's got lots of other neat Kuja cosplays, as well). What impresses me the most is the hair--or rather, feathers. I've seen lots of people attempt it, but few seem to be able to pull it off...let alone this good. Aside from that, the makeup and costume are all fabulous, too.

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll have more neat cosplays to share in the future, though, so keep your eyes peeled.