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Alright, this blog post is largely intended for the ladies...and maybe all you guys out there who want to look like ladies.

Michelle Phan has the 19th most subscribed to YouTube channel and is the #1 subscribed to "guru", and for good reason. Not only are her videos well-made and her makeup tutorials rockin', but she also has a really attractive personality, and that, above all else, is what makes her stuff enjoyable to watch. Now, you might find yourself asking why I'm posting about a makeup artist on a video game blog, and you're right to do so. To be honest, Michelle Phan doesn't have much to do with video games, except that she is, herself, a huge fan of them. On her YouTube page, she cites Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, WoW, and Call of Duty as some of her favorite video games. She also says, "I may be a huge nerd but it does not mean I have to look like one. Here to represent fashionable nerds!"

While most of her looks are pretty thematic and perhaps not something you'd wear out every day, Michelle does a good job adding some variety to her many different looks, and there's almost certainly something for everyone. She also offers some awesome tips on how to do things like make your own skin care scrub, turn sushi into a facial, and so on. Here's one of her videos that I'm particularly fond of:

Now, if you're like me, you don't have the touch to pull these sort of looks off very often, but throughout all of Michelle Phan's videos, there's lots of practical advice in basic, everyday makeup use.

Michelle now has her own skincare line called iQQU, which can be found here: http://iqqubeauty.com/index.php/

If you like the video posted above, I highly suggest you subscribe to Michelle Phan's YouTube channel

You can also find her on...

UPDATE: Michelle Phan now co-hosts a gaming channel on YouTube with pro gamer, sW00Zie: Press Start. Be sure to check out my post on the channel, as well.

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