"The Online Gamer"

While I'm not a huge YouTuber (though my boyfriend has had me watch more Shay Carl than I can even properly wrap my mind around), it cannot be denied that there are a number of unique gems that have ascended all of the pointless nonsense, destined to become YouTube classics. I believe one of them is "The Online Gamer" comedy sketch series by Reckless Tortuga. Okay, maybe it'll never be a classic, but it's certainly an honorable mention. As of now, there are four videos in the series, and although I'm not sure if there's a fifth in the making, they are all quite funny.

That is, if you play games online.

If not, you may not be able to appreciate the Online Gamer's unmistakable, over-aggressive attitude, akin to that of so many real online gamers', or his awkward and obnoxious declarations of "LAG" and "HEADSHOT, B*@$!" My personal favorite is the fourth video where he is invited to have dinner with his new girlfriend/teammate's family, but all of them contain poignant gamer humor that should speak to just about anyone who's ever played online. His interaction with the WoW player in part 2 sure does tickle my fancy, as well as him making fun of the Wii in the fourth vid.

WARNING: Explicit content--lots of dropping of the "F" bomb. The 3rd and 4th videos are censored.

If you liked the first video, be sure to check out the rest.

Reckless Tortuga's YouTube page can be found here:
Their website can be found here:


  1. First.
    And, video is fail.
    Although probably accurately represents the players of CoD.

  2. I like your blog! I've seen all the online gamer videos before... very funny. And I really need to start playing final fantasy.. following your blog now!(: -TeddyzRevenge from gaia