Some Sweet Cosplays

We've all seen it before--some fat, hairy guy cosplaying as Link. Or even better, Sailor Moon (e.g. Peter Griffin, as seen to the right). What? You haven't seen them? Well, consider yourself lucky, because most of us are not so fortunate. What is seldom acknowledged, however, is that there are actually some pretty sweet cosplays out there that their respective cosplayers have put a lot of care and effort into. So I decided to do a little browsing on deviantART.com and found some cool cosplays/cosplayers that I figured I'd share with you.

The first is a Kingdom Hearts II cosplay featuring Riku and Namine. Aside from the well-made costumes (Namine's hair looks so pretty) and the skillful photography, what I particularly like is the setting. Spiral stairs are always kind of cool, but those of you who have played the games should appreciate the appropriateness of the background. The cosplay was uploaded by Lillyxandra on deviantART.

Next is the Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2. Not nearly as pretty as the first, but equally awesome, in my opinion. She is genuinely scary and the makeup on her face is perfect. Also, I love the high heels. The pose is spot-on, too. I guess the girl's a GameStop employee and dressed up like this for the midnight release of the game Also, kudos (I hate that word) to any woman willing to set her femininity aside for the sake of creativity. This cosplay was uploaded by tycho on deviantART.

This fantastic cosplay of Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, my favorite FF character of all time (though, I preferred her in X), was done by blackmage9 on deviantART, who has tons of other cool cosplays in her gallery. This chick is pro. Obviously, the photo has been manipulated, but the costume is the best I've ever seen of Rikku. Her hair is amazing as well. Great costume, great photo, great cosplay. Definitely check out her other stuff as well.

I absolutely adore the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 and this humorous cosplay struck a chord with me, big time. The costume is one of the best I've seen and the pose is brilliant. Also, it's a girl underneath that costume, and I'm totally all about the Pyro turning out to be female, so big points there. The cosplay was done by tehcate on deviantART and she has another shot of her Pyro costume in her gallery that I suggest you go and find if you like this one.

Another Kingdom Hearts cosplay. What can I say? It's a very aesthetically pleasing and inspiring game. This is obviously Kairi (first-KH style), looking as cute as ever. Seriously, this girl did a spectacular job. The costume is nothing short of perfect and it's just a good look for her, costume, hair (I really want that hair), pose, and all. I have no idea how she made/got ahold of that charm, either, but it's awesome. Cosplay by LiL-KRN-YUNA on deviantART, who's got lots of other sweet cosplays in her gallery for you to enjoy.

This one's another that's been photo-manipulated (I know, I thought that was a real colossus in the background too!), but it's still quite impressive, nonetheless. The character is Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, of course, on his faithful steed, Agro. One of the colossi from the game has been Photoshop'd into the background. Well-designed costume and a cool setting, all in all making for a creative shot. Uploaded by ikarus-exe on deviantART.

This cosplay is the last one and I think it's one of the coolest I've seen, like ever. It's Shiva from Final Fantasy X! The hair is especially cool, I think, and looks very labor intensive, which is always a plus (look at those crazy hoop/ring things!). Or at least, makes it seem more impressive, which is something that this one certainly is. Seriously though, it looks like a lot of work went into this cosplay and it definitely pays off. Photo uploaded by tanknstar on deviantART, who is also the cosplayer.

Well, those were just some cool ones that I came across. I'd love to see any that you, yourself, have done, or have found elsewhere on the internets. So long as they aren't, you know...scary.

Oh, and I lied...

(Knightfourteen on deviantART)

Be sure to check out all of these guys' awesome galleries!

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