Some Very Awesome Video Game Soundtracks

When it comes to entertainment, there are usually two things that catch my attention: the aesthetic and the soundtrack. This is true of movies, TV shows, and especially, video games. The way a game looks is an obvious determining factor in its appeal, but I cannot tell you how many times I have been compelled to buy a game simply because of the music playing in its trailer. Every good game needs a soundtrack that helps set the mood and immerse the player in the game's setting. However, over the years, there have only been a handful that have truly moved and inspired me, so for this post, I thought I'd share some of them with you and say what I think makes them so great.

Shadow of the Colossus
Despite being a cult classic of sorts, everyone knew that this game was going to be epic the moment it was announced. The objective of the game was simple enough: journey across a dreamy and mysterious land on your trusty steed in search of colossal beings...once you find them, climb them and kill 'em dead. While the thrill of taking one of these huge things down (and I mean HUGE) is undeniable, you can't help but feel a sense of remorse for destroying something so magnificent. All of this is and more is portrayed perfectly in Shadow of the Colossus's ethereal and grandiose soundtrack.

The Kingdom Hearts series
It's no secret that I love this game. I still remember the first time that I saw a trailer for it on TV. I had read bits and pieces about it in gaming magazines, but none of that could hold a candle to the trailer. The moment that I heard Hikaru Utada's "Simple and Clean", I knew that I must acquire this game as soon as possible. And that's not the only thing that makes the OST so awesome. Among its dozens of tracks, listeners will feel nostalgia, excitement, fear, and longing, all of which beautifully compliment the memorable adventure that is Kingdom Hearts.

Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas
Made up of a satisfying blend of already existing oldie classics and original instrumental tracks, the music of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas not only acts as a fantastic backdrop for the game's retro, post-apocalyptic, out-west setting, but gives players the delightful feeling of ominous adveturousness, which is--I believe--what Fallout is all about. Fallout 3's soundtrack was impressive, no doubt, but I think that New Vegas's takes the cake.

BioShock/BioShock 2
Set in the 1960's, BioShock and BioShock 2's soundtracks have a retro feel to them, similar to Fallout 3/New Vegas. However, what makes BioShock and it's sequel so special is the games' use of mood. Everything from the story to the game's art sets out to create a world of horror, beauty, and loss, and the OST is no exception. Players and listeners alike will find the game's music unsettling, but at the same time, will want to loose themselves in it, and that's what makes BioShock and BioShock 2's soundtracks so fantastic.

The Final Fantasy series
When I think of expert story-telling in video games, the Final Fantasy series is the first thing that comes to mind. Distinct characters, mind-blowing worlds, and intricate plot-lines are what make these games such a success, but the games' soundtracks add another whole new layer of depth. These OSTs are fully capable of telling the games' stories, in and of themselves. With each new title, fans are reminded that no combination of feelings is too complex to be perfectly captured in this series's amazing soundtracks.

I would love to hear which video games you think have excellent soundtracks in a comment below.


  1. I've read all your articles, Tobuoi, and have enjoyed everyone of them. What I've enjoyed even more is watching you develop into a very thoughtful and eloquent writer. I also would like to say that I believe the Halo Series deserves an honorable mention; in particular, Halo 2's OST had some very provocative instrumentals.

  2. Have you heard Legend of Legaia's music? I love it

  3. Thanks for the comment, Richard, it means a lot to me.

    And I have never even heard of Legend of Legaia, so I'll definitely have to check it out.